30 January 2016

18th-19th May 1946: destined for sanitorium

Mirro. What was this that Fred bought? The name was used by Mirro Aluminium in Wisconsin
 and they produced cooking utensils. On the other hand it sounds like polish!
18 Sat. Rather cold, fitful skies, thunder in morning, chilly E wind. To Fullers to buy potatoes! Saw Winnie Ewings looking out of her window; waved to her and she waved back. Poor girl she is in a bad way and will go into a sanatorium soon. I do hope she gets better. To Merton & Morden in afternoon. Bought fish, torch battery and Mirro. Did more weeding in garden but weather is too bad for much.

19 Sun. Rather cold morning, dismal, rain till afternoon: then fine and sunny. Len Garrod paid a short visit. Short walk along Bushey Road in evening.

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  1. Having met you only this morning on the Burns course, I was astonished to follow your link here. I was born at 64 Coldborne Way, Worcester Park - clearly identified on the Bomb Sight map. My childhood there is recounted in the War Memoir section on my header bar, and also (with pic and very free verse poem) here:

    I haven't had time to follow up all your links, but will keep coming back!