5 January 2016

16th April 1946: red letter visitors... 'a most glorious surprise!'

Tues 16. Very mild to rather warm, much lovely sunshine. The sunshine was strong enough to burn paper and to set fire to a match when its rays were focussed through a reading glass. All three children called: gave Donald a pale blue sun hat that Anthony has grown out of. Was in the front garden talking to the children when a car drew up with some smiling ladies in it. They smiled at me and I thought it could have nothing to do with me when the lady driver got out and walked towards me, it was Mrs. Bennett – Connie Bradley. I cannot say how joyful I was to see her after so many years. She saw the empty space where No. 72 where she lived used to stand. Mrs. Bradley and Sibyl were also in the car. The three children came and were introduced: Connie knew Cousin Doris their mother as Doris Braitsch. I did not ever think I should see dear Connie again but here she was face to face – older and very capable perhaps, but very precious to me. Truly a red letter day and a most glorious surprise! God bless her!

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