3 January 2016

13th-14th April 1946: repairs and playing

13 Sat. Very mild, some hazy sunshine; little wind, pleasant. To buy vegetables locally in morning. Gwennie brought a doll whose head had come off: I replaced it painlessly – I hope! To Wimbledon in afternoon to buy fish. I phoned Fred Fraine to ask how his mother is after her operation; she has been sent home and is as well as can be expected: she is 84. Limed and dug over part of garden. Further repair to piano; replaced a broken leather joint.

14 Sun. Very mild, some nice sunshine through, haze, calm, pleasant. The usual children called: Gwennie and Laurie without hats and coats to-day. Beginning of Summer Time, the clocks being put on an hour. Played the piano quite a lot now that all the notes play again. The organ is away for repair so the piano comes into its own.

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