15 December 2015

9th-10th March 1946: hundreds queue for BANANAS

9 Sat. Severe black frost, clear air but dull. To Merton in afternoon to buy fish. Also bought clear dope** at Norman’s. He has now been discharged from the Air Force and I had not seen him since the beginning of the war. A shop at Merton had bananas for sale: there was a queue of people 100 yards long and three or four abreast. Took out the R & A speaker from the radio-gram and replaced it with the Magnavose as the other needs some attention.

**The liquid which is like varnish and which Fred applied to the tissue he put over the wings of model aircraft.

10 Sun. Severe white frost. Very cold day, hazy calm. Ciss went to Hornsea to see Cousin Will, his wife and two daughters. Ciss could not therefore take the children to Sunday School. Jean Child was to have taken them but she is unwell. I started down the road with about a dozen children but Audrey Child, John and Jennifer then came up so I left them to go along together. Short cycle ride in afternoon along Grand Drive and Hillcross Avenue.

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  1. I remember the banana excitement. Children of my age (7) had only ever seen them in picture books.