14 December 2015

7th-8th March 1946: children not seen bananas... yet

7 Thur. Very cold, just above freezing, dismal, cruel NE wind. To the butchers, also did other shopping locally, both morning and afternoon. Wrote a letter of wireless information to Chas. Staden.

8 Fri. Very hard black frost, very cold, dull day, wind still NE. Got all the usual provisions locally including two 4 ozs of different sorts of chocolates. To Wimbledon along rail path in afternoon to buy something: saw one of the big ugly goods engines on an up express. Gwennie went out to-day and I met her in the road: she had been on a fruitless journey to the greengrocers to buy bananas: they told her there will be some tomorrow. Bananas were stopped at the beginning of the war and children do not know what they are like and are very excited of having something they have neither seen or tasted before. Maybe, many will not like them at least, to begin with.

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