31 December 2015

6th-8th April 1946: walking stick with pen, pencil, microscope & inkpot

The Big Wheel, Earl's Court Exhibition, taken about 1900
6 Sat. Very cool, some sunshine, chilly E wind. Took a note to Mrs. Child and met her later with Jennifer at Merton. Bought fish there and some scouring powder at Morden. Dug up, divided and re-planted a large Michaelmas daisy. Saw dear Mother’s grave, the daffodils are superb.

7 Sun. Rather mild but a stiff sou’wester made it seem chilly: bright sunshine all day. Cycled to Richmond Park and found to my disappointment that both the Pen Ponds had been drained and were overgrown with tall grass and reeds. Ciss went to Tolworth and found Dad a little better: Uncle Dick was just coming away when Ciss arrived. Drew a picture of roses to make a birthday card for Gwennie to give to her mother. Gwennie is going to paint it.

Extract from article on the Big Wheel

8 Mon. Mild, dull, rather cool wind. Gwennie and Donald called: showed them the walking stick which Miss Gardner gave me when I was a boy. It has a concealed inkpot and combined pen and pencil and a microscope which when looked through shows a picture of the Big Wheel at Earl’s Court Exhibition where the stick was bought. Farley’s brought the new dressing table in medium oak with a large plate glass mirror. They also took away the organ, armchair, music cabinet and other pieces of furniture for repair and repolishing. To Morden to buy fish.

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