13 December 2015

5th-6th March 1946: firewood and vitimins for delicate child

5 Tues. Very cold, half-dark, rain all day and the last of the snow disappeared by midday. Did not go shopping today. Doris called to get some firewood as we still have a lot of bomb-debris in stock and she has no wood and very little coal: Gwennie must have a fire in her bedroom as she is still in delicate health. Letter from Chas. Staden.

6 Wed. Very cold. Half-dark, rain, sleet or snow all day; howling N wind. Got the groceries locally. Bought a jar of Vimaltol a very delectable malt, orange halibut oil with vitamins and minerals body-building and nerve-tonic food for little Gwennie, a present from me as she is unwell and hope it will do her good. Took it to her and she tasted it; it is very attractive for children: she did not seem very well. Repaired my bedroom clock as it kept stopping.

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