30 December 2015

4th-5th April 1946: playing shops

4 Thur. Warm, hazy, sultry, but a lot of sun through overhead here. To Farley’s to give them the order to repair the furniture. Thence to butchers and to buy cats meat at Merton. Saw dear Mother’s grave: the daffodils (Carlton) are superb: the scillas make a fine contrast of colour with their deep blue. Dug up and divided a large clump of Michaelmas daisy. All three children called and played shops in the front garden. They came again with two sorts of birthday cake it is their father’s birthday to-day.

5 Fri. Very cool, very dull, rain all day. Did the usual shopping locally, got a nice piece of fillet of beef, some brisket (cooked) and some corned beef at the butchers. Bought a jar of Brand’s Essence for Ciss to take to Dad. She went to see him this evening and he is about the same. Gwennie and the others called: read a chapter out of a children’s book to her which she seemed to enjoy. Her cough – poor dear is still very bad.

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