26 December 2015

30th-31st March 1946: first boat race since war

30 Sat. Mild, some nice sunshine but a fresh E wind. Cycled to Cheam to buy a pound of cats meat in morning. Gave Laurie a root of hypericum which his father planted. Aunt Liza called. Listened to broadcast commentary on the boat race which Oxford won by three lengths in 10 mins 54 secs – the first race since before the war. To Merton to buy fish. Dug up overgrown Michaelmas daisy, divided and re-planted: a heavy job. Farley’s man came to see the damaged furniture – he will submit an estimate.

31 Sun. Mild, fine sunny day but spoilt by a stiff cold E breeze. Short cycle ride nearly to Worcester Park. Ciss went to Tolworth to find Alb and Lily a little better than they were but Dad was in bed: he has had the ’flu but his heart is causing some concern.

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