22 December 2015

22nd-23rd March 1946: pork, sweets, fish, haricot beans, dried peas

22 Fri. Cool, very dull; rain all day. Got a nice piece of pork this morning. Did other shopping locally including buying 1/2 lb of sweets. Short walk along Coombe Lane in afternoon. Fitted improved centring device to R & A loud-speaker with good results.

23 Sat. Rather mild, fine, bright sunny day, but stiff N breeze. Gwennie & Laurie called, gave her the card with flower that changes its colour. Went to see Cousin Len and his wife’s baby boy Joseph, Peter: a dear little chap with very large dark grey blue eyes. Bought fish at Merton and Wimbledon: bought haricot beans and dried green peas at Merton. Started cleaning the windows yesterday and finished them to-day.

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