6 December 2015

22nd-23rd Feb 1946: ghosts

22 Fri. Hard, black frost, cold, cloudy day; bitter N wind. Got the usual Fri. shopping, all locally. Had a house full of noisy children playing “ghosts”. Gwennie, Laurie, Donald, Ann and Victor. Lily and Anthony called in afternoon; she like the re-decorated living room. Anthony brought some fine railway books.

23 Sat. Very cold, a deluge to begin the day, some sunny periods later; terrific NW wind. To the local greengrocers in morning. To Merton in afternoon to buy fish. Got blown and buffeted to a standstill on my bike coming back. Am watching hopefully two rose buds developing on the climbing rose at front door. Repaired hat-rack in the hall. Made & fitted new spring to hook on door of cupboard under the stairs.

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