29 December 2015

1st-3rd April1946: Dad ill... best weather for 90 years

1 April. Mon. Very mild, much sunshine, but spoilt by a stiff E wind. Wrote letter to Uncle Tom. Bought fish in Wimbledon in morning. To Tolworth in afternoon to see Dad. He seems to have taken a turn for the better but the doctor speaks with some reserve: he will see Dad tomorrow and may be he will pass an opinion then. Aunt Hannah called.

2 Tues. Rather warm in afternoon, the sunshine was lovely and warm, but the easterly breeze still blows so that you get a hot-cold effect. Gwennie and Donald brought meat for the cats. To Wimbledon in afternoon bought a dish cloth, fish paste, Maplemeat, a naphtha garden lime. Applied the latter to bed where I intend to grow beans. Ciss went to Tolworth to see Dad: he had a bad night but was better this evening.

3 Wed. Warm: glorious sunny day; even the morning and evening was warm. The grandest day for the time of year since records were taken 90 years ago. Got the groceries locally also fish at Morden and an order form from Morden fuel office. Pruned Aunt Hannah’s roses in afternoon.

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