1 December 2015

16th-17th Feb 1946: meat shortage... magic lantern... Life Brigade

16 Sat. Rather mild, dismal, drizzle most of the day. Cycled to Cheam but meat shop closed. To Morden where I bought sprats, thence to Merton but meat shop to have meat at one o’clock so came home. To Merton again in afternoon and got some meat. Did a few more painting jobs including some picture frames.

17 Sun. Rather cold, clear, much sunshine of the pale wintry sort. Connie Bradley is 46 to-day: God bless her. Cycled to Wimbledon Common as it was fine this afternoon: saw a few model planes there but they did not fly as their owners were unskilled. Went to see the magic lantern show at Chas and Doris. Gwennie is resplendent to-day in her new Girls Life Brigade uniform. She is very proud of it and has worn it all day with the hat on as well indoors. Wrote letter to Uncle Tom.

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