18 December 2015

14th -15th March 1946: oil 1/6d a gallon; pail of coal as gift

14 Thur. Very cold, dismal, bitter E wind. To Merton to buy something at Boots, thence to Wimbledon to buy cats meat. To local butchers. Gwennie, Laurie and Donald called presumably to have a lark with me: they do enjoy coming here although I can scarcely afford the time to amuse them. Went out to buy paraffin but met Pamela also out to buy oil. She told me the only shop selling oil was the garage round the corner so we went together and got some at 1/6 a gallon.

15 Fri. Bitterly cold, dismal, cutting NE wind. Got the usual Friday shopping locally including a nice piece of brisket. Went along rail path in afternoon. Took a pail of coal to Chas and Doris as they are very short of coal and we have sufficient.

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