16 December 2015

11th March 1946: this was banana day! And utility furniture.

11 Mon. Black frost but less severe. Hazy, calm, with a suspicion of sunshine midday. To Merton thence to Morden to buy cats meat. Also got a form* for obtaining utility* furniture. Bought derris liquid for spraying the gooseberry bushes. Took accumulator, bought liquid glue, and saccharin. Saw Gwennie and Laurie coming back from the World’s Stores with a bag containing 3/4 worth of bananas. Too heavy for them to carry really, so I slung the bag from the handle-bar of my bike and wheeled it home. They later brought a banana each for me and Ciss. They were followed by a crowd of children who had never seen a banana before. I showed them how to skin them. Told Mrs. Conley where they could be obtained and Len Conley went and got some which they had for tea and liked them very much: Ann was excited. It’s been a great day for them to-day.
Applying for a
'Household Buying Permit'
for Utility Furniture

Utility furniture refers to furniture produced in the United Kingdom during and just after World War II, under a Government scheme which was designed to cope with shortages of raw materials and rationing of consumption. Introduced in 1942, the Utility Furniture Scheme continued into post-war austerity and lasted until 1952. (Photo and text: Wikipedia - utility furniture photos & details

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