12 November 2015

9-10 Jan '46: took brolley for repair

9 Wed. Very mild for season 52 degs, very dull, heavy rain from midday on; very rough indeed. Got the usual groceries but there is no margarine in the shop. To Morden to buy cats meat. Arthur Swift called in afternoon. Gave Gwennie and Laurie some picture books from Anthony*.

10 Thur. Again 52 degs, but the raging wind made it seem cold: dull, rain most of the day. To Wimbledon along rail path, saw a newly painted Pacific loco. Took umbrella of Ciss’ to Trott’s for repair. Bought maplemeat. Also shopping locally in afternoon; met Dear Gladys in afternoon who said that Joan recently back from a record hot summer in Australia is finding our climate hard to endure and has had gastric flu twice. Did more towards stripping wall paper from living room.

*I did? Well, someone on my behalf, given my infant age! - Tony.

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