6 November 2015

31st Dec 1945: look back in wonder

We here at home during these war years
have had to endure  many privations and dangers
 as my wartime diaries will tell...

31 Mon. White frost, thick fog which lessened a little at night: dismal. Small amount of shopping locally in morning. Started stripping the paper from the walls of living room with a view to re-decoration.

And so ends 1945. A year which started ominously with the onslaught of the V2 rockets. Then came a return of the flying-bombs launched from aircraft. The invasion of France by Allied troops and their victorious march across France. Then the crossing of the Rhine and the ultimate defeat of Germany. The Allies advancing on Berlin from East and West. And the year that started with Germany in almost entire possession of Europe in a comparatively few months we were commemorating Victory, for which God be praised. The surrender of Japan came in August and we were at peace with the whole world. We here at home during these war years have had to endure many privations and dangers as my wartime diaries will tell, but now we are secure and this Christmas we enjoyed with none to make us afraid. Our house is yet a long way from what it was when the war began having been bombed twice but we have a roof over our heads and all the windows and walls repaired. It needs decorating badly but here we are safely at the beginning of 1946 and we look forward to happier times with brighter prospects of enduring peace. Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow!

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  1. The first peacetime Christmas for six years was fittingly marked by Fred with this thoughtful entry. He realised he still had much to be thankful for. A Dutch friend of mine – now in his 80s and still going strong – once told me how he and a friend were so desperately hungry that they killed and cooked a neighbour’s cat on a Rotterdam bomb site and ate it with relish.