10 November 2015

3-5 Jan '46: freezing

3 Thur. Very severe frost, eight degrees below: clear bright day but less wind. Did shopping locally also got two accumulators. To Merton, Morden and Wimbledon by cycle in the bitter weather but all the cats meat shops were shut: bought fish in Wimbledon.

4 Fri. Six degrees below freezing but a thaw occurred in afternoon and temperature rose six degrees above. Fairly bright day; not much wind. Got a nice piece of beef this week. Also to bakers and other shops locally. Bought butter beans at Merton and cats meat at Morden. Gwennie & Laurie called in morning: had a happy time with them.

5 Sat. The cold spell ends; up to 48 degrees: dull; light SW wind. Alf called in morning to enquire the date of the first bombing as he had his greenhouse damaged then and is making a claim.

To Merton in afternoon to buys cats meat and a paper. Started repairs to cycle brakes but made little headway, must try again. Gwennie & Laurie called. A letter from Cousin Elsie in Canada.

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