5 November 2015

27th-30th Dec 1945: those days after Christmas

27 Thur. Mild for season 52 degs: some gentle sunshine, calm: like spring. Got the groceries. To Wimbledon along rail path: bought cats meat – very high and woofly. The three children called but did not stop long as they have a lot of presents at home and the novelty has not worn off yet. Alan Spooner bought some fine records in the evening for me to play on the radio-gram: grand.

28 Fri. Cold, half dark till midday, rain till afternoon when it cleared up somewhat: cold wind. Did all the usual Fri. morning shopping locally also to Wimbledon to buy fish. The three children called with two chicken carcases for the cats to pick.

29 Sat. Cold dismal, damp. To Wimbledon along rail path to buy fish: met Alf and Mrs. Child. Am playing the radio-gram again after a long silence. It is repaired after being bombed but it is not yet first rate.

30 Sun. Severe white frost, very cold day; thick fog at night. Played the gramophone to the children. Mrs. Akroyd came to tea.

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