20 November 2015

25th-27th Jan 1946: recycling for refugees

25 Fri. Cold, becoming less cold, dull, calm, drizzle. To the butchers, bakers and other shops locally also bought fish at Merton. Took a parcel of left off clothing to the Church where a collection is being made for the United Nations Relief of Refugees in Europe. Met Arthur Swift in Coombe Lane; he had been on a fruitless pilgrimage of all the fish shops for miles around to get some cod.

26 Sat. Rather cold, dull, rain later. To Merton to buy cat’s meat. Spoke to Mr. Wheeler the greengrocer whose wife has just died. She used to call here to deliver vegetables before he did the round. Chas brought the distemper brush so now I can decorate the living room.

27 Sun. Frost morning and night, foggy except for some hazy sunshine in afternoon. Gave a chocolate each to Laurie, Anne & Victor. Wrote letter to Capt. Marshall who is now in Germany.

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