2 November 2015

17-24th December 1945: Japanese flag war trophy

24 Mon. Christmas Eve. Rather cold, dull, windy; rain on and off all day. To the butchers to get a piece of pork & some sausage meat. Also to get two loaves of bread. To Whitbourn’s to get two accumulators and to buy a torch for a present for Dad. In afternoon to Morden but meat shop and fish shops shut. Thence to Merton but no luck. Then to Wimbledon but cats meat shop shut and every fish shop shut but one where I bought some whiting. Mrs Akroyd brought some presents for Ciss. Margaret brought a present for Ciss. Jean Child brought some presents for Ciss and a shaving stick for me. I took Dennis’ chaco in to his mother; he was in bed. Chas. Hockney, his wife and younger son were there. His elder son is a paratrooper in Java and Mr. Hockney showed me a silk Japanese flag which his son took down from the top of a skyscraper cinema in Singapore.

Note: I managed to miss the 17th-23rd Dec - so I am adding Fred's entries here. - Tony.

17 Mon. 51 degs: dismal, rain. Repaired our enamelled pudding basin. Re-covered the table top of mangle with floor-cloth; it looks well. To Merton in a deluge to buy fish. To Slate Club to get the annual share-out: 18/-. To Len Garrod to enquire about Emily who has been unwell. Posted an Xmas parcel to Uncle Tom and Aunt Nellie.

18 Tues. Rather mild, dull, showers, boisterous. To Merton in wind & rain to buy cats meat and had to hang about for ¾ hour for the meat to come in. Gwennie, Laurie & Donald called. Then Lily & Anthony came to swell the number. Cleaned some of the windows.

19 Wed. Mild, some bright sun with some warmth in it in morning; dismal, rain later. Got the groceries including extra rations of sugar, butter and margarine. Also bought sundry other things locally. Cleaned some more windows. Wrote letter to Rev. Chas. Staden.

20 Thur. Severe white morning frost which gave to a burst of sunshine midday: the fences steamed: dull later. Did a lot of Xmas shipping locally in morning. To Wimbledon later to buy fish. Cooked a large Xmas pudding. Started decorating the parlour with brilliant silver and silver and green paper – very showy.

21 Fri. Cold, dull, fairly calm. Did a lot more Xmas shopping locally in the morning including getting the additional sweet ration 1½ lbs. which cost us 3/4d. To Wimbledon along rail path in afternoon to buy fish for dinner. The three children called and were delighted at the Xmas decorations. Started to make a toy chaco for Anthony to wear. It will please Dad as he wore one in the old volunteers.

22 Sat. Rather mild, becoming cold; dull rain later. Only a small amount of local shopping. Put a holly wreath on dear Mother’s grave. To Merton & Wimbledon in afternoon; bought fish and corned beef. Cousin Maud called in evening. Started to make a chaco* for little Dennis next door; went in to measure his head.

*Note: Fred should have spelled this shako - a conical military hat with a plume or pom-pom.

23 Sun. Rather cold morning, white mist: bright, sunny and milder later. Gwennie, Laurie, Clifford and Connie called before going to Sunday School. Covered the cardboard shape of Dennis Veale’s Chaco with brilliant green and silver foil and put a large red and yellow star on the front to make it look gorgeous! 

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