18 November 2015

21st-23rd Jan 1946: sprats

21 Mon. Six degrees of frost, very dismal, misty, yellow light. Cycled to buy cats meat at Morden, also to get accumulator.

22 Tues. Frost less severe but thick fog till midday when there was a slight thaw and most of the snow and ice have gone. Cycled to Wimbledon to buy sprats, also got paraffin at local garage, among other local purchases.

23 Wed. Very cold, very dull but little wind. Got the Wed. groceries also bought glass paper. Two cwts of coal cost us 8/-. Received a belated Xmas parcel – delayed in the post, from dear Cousin Elsie in Canada. It contained rich cake, biscuits, sweets and two sorts of nuts. Most people in her position would have forgotten by now her old relatives in England, but she is most loyal and still interested in us. God Bless Her.

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