17 November 2015

18-20th Jan 1946: snow... plastering is an art

18 Fri. Severe frost all day. 6 degs below freezing. Some bright sunshine but no thaw; half inch of snow at night. Did all the shopping locally including buying some more plaster. Put some more plaster on living room wall but it is slow work without proper tools, beside, plastering is an art in itself, but I shall manage it eventually. All three children called.

19 Sat. Frost continues as severe as ever, fog at night: calm. Cycled to Merton & Morden bought fish at the latter. Finished plastering of living room and filling up nail holes and minor cracks.

20 Sun. 9 degrees of frost just outside where the thermometer is kept, 13 degs below in the open: dismal, misty, calm. Walked along rail-path as far as Elm Rd bridge – best indoors. Ciss went to Tolworth by bus; I don’t know how she can do it. A baby boy was born to Cousin Len and his wife yesterday – Joseph John.

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