29 November 2015

13th Feb 1946: childhood memories

13 Wed. Rather mild, dismal, calm, drizzle. Got all the Wed. groceries locally. Met Mrs. Emery who was most cordial. Did a lot more painting in living room and only a small amount remains to be done. The room looks very well indeed! The colour scheme being particularly attractive. Heard with regret that Uncle Joe, Dad’s brother died on Sunday last: he was 77. He was a good man – a Salvationist, and used to play in the brass band. I shall always remember him with pleasure and his interest in me when I was a boy showed him to be a most kind man. He made model boats in his younger days also was an enthusiastic angler: I once went with him and Uncle Ben to fish in the Thames at Canbury Gardens. I have never know him in other than a good and kindly humour.

From YouTube: Canbury Gardens is situated between the River Thames and Lower Ham Road and is within easy walking distance from Kingston town centre. Canbury Gardens covers an area of 14.5 acres and contains the Boaters Inn public house plus the Kingston Rowing Club and the Sigi Cornish Tennis Club, both of which are privately run. There are also some hard surface tennis courts which are privately leased but open to the public. A qualified LTA coach runs the courts and lessons are available. YouTube video:

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