28 November 2015

10-12th Feb 1946: errands and painting

10 Sun. Rather cold, becoming rather mild; clear, sunny day: calm. Mr Norris cut back the ash tree at the bottom of the garden.

11 Mon. Rather cold, rather windy: in places sheltered from the wind the sun had some warmth in it. Bought fish and saccharin at Morden. Bought a paint brush locally. Got Ciss’ shoes from Essam’s. Took Alan McAinsh’s watch back after it had been repaired at Tolworth: saw Jeanette’s large dolls house her father made. Started painting in living room: did panels of door and cupboard and the wall beneath the chain rail a nice shade of golden brown.

12 Tues. Very cool, very dull, humid, calm. To Merton to buy fish pieces for cats. Posted letter to Betty Shepherd who is ill. Gwennie and Donald brought some meat for Dinky. Finished all the light brown paintwork and started doing outer panels of cupboard door and surround in a chocolate colour.

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