23 October 2015

7th-9th Dec 1945: Holloway construction company's Victory Ball

7 Fri Severe white frost lasting till midday; dull, misty. Got the usual Fri. morning provisions. Bought cats meat at Merton. Took Addie’s gram. motor to Merton for repair but Smith’s would not undertake it. Ciss went to her firm’s Victory Ball* at Wimbledon.

8 Sat. Very cold, dismal, piercing N wind, freezing by early evening. The children brought back the “kissing bee” joke. The Conley children took it to “frighten” their mother. Along rail path in afternoon to buy fish and a paper in Wimbledon.

9 Sun. Severe black frost all day; dismal. The usual children called including Connie Freeman with a bracelet on each wrist and a massive “gold” chain with a crystal heart pendant.

*Hopefully no-one was stabbed to death, as in Agatha Christie's 'Victory Ball'.

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