20 October 2015

1st-2nd Dec 1945: fun and games

1 Dec. Sat. Rather cold, less dull than of late. Posted pictorial calendar to Cousin Elsie in Canada. Cleaned some windows. Showed the children how to make a coin stick on the wall: also made a pinch nail truck and a “kissing bee” that jumps out of its packet: just a phew (sic) jokes. Made a new pendulum for Victor Conley’s clock.

2 Sun. Mild for time of year; a small amount of sunshine in afternoon. The usual children called: showed them some tricks. Margery McAinsh, Dorothy, with Jeanette and baby Margaret brought a watch & a clock to be repaired by the Tolworth man: gave Jeanette two sweets. Walked past Annie’s house in Amity Grove in even.

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