8 October 2015

10th - 11th Nov 1945: egg & spoon race

10 Sat. Cold, dull, nasty N wind, heavy showers. Gwennie, Laurie and Donald called and played egg and spoon race. To Wimbledon to buy fish, got drenched: bought my poppy. Thence to Merton to buy something at Boots. A note on the organ stuck down but I put it right without much trouble.

11 Sun. Cold, bright, clear, sunny; N wind. A lot of children called. Mr. and Mrs. Bradley came to tea and seemed to enjoy their visit, we were certainly delighted; I shall never forget dear Connie who brought so much happiness into my grey life. I have not seen her for a great many years but it was a privilege to have her father and mother with us; they went to the Church in evening.

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