8 September 2015

8th September: 'Knocking down ginger'

8 Sat. Very cool, more dismal than ever; rain till afternoon: no sun at all. Did shopping locally including buying fish, getting the accumulators etc. To Wimbledon to buy a set of four castors at Hughes. In evening I fitted them to the new utility bedstead as it was not fitted with them when bought. When I went to Uncle Joe’s to borrow a brace and bit I was escorted along the road by Nita, Evelyn, Pamela and Pauline, girls who have made themselves known to me. When I knocked at No. 34 they thought I had no business there, so they said I was “knocking down ginger”,* but they were surprised to see me enter. Later they knocked at my door with Connie Freeman as well to give me a bunch of flowers: I am favoured above all men.

Note: 'knocking down ginger', or Knock down Ginger - claimed in one post to come from council estates where all doors were stained a ginger colour (doubtful, as goes back further?) - here's a link to a webpage all about it, complete with alternative names - from a website on street games. The idea was to knock urgently on a front door and then run away or hide. Also 'Ding dong bell' and cherry knocking. See also Wikipedia alternative and instances, and the legal position.

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