7 September 2015

7th Sept 1945: handsome door... and railway engine

7 Fri. Rather cold, becoming mild; cloudy but a little brighter: an improvement. Did all the usual Fri. morning shopping locally. The men plastered the living room ceiling and wall: a messy job. The joiner fitted a new back door with two nice, large, clear glass windows in place of the temporary door – salvaged from Philpot’s, which had no windows and made the scullery very dark. To Wimbledon in afternoon, going along rail path: saw large 4.4.0 loco. 2073 – very handsome. Aunt Liza brought fish pieces for Dinky.

Note to readers: you might be interested where your fellow readers live. These are our statistics from Google covering the past month. 


  1. These numbers are most interesting. Some of the readers are perhaps expat British, at a guess. Do you have any further info on them, Tony?

  2. I regret that I don't. Only that at least one person from New Zealand is a member of the Conley family (from No 65 - photo top right). Other overseas readers may like to add their comments?