6 September 2015

6th Sept 1945: organ, wood, windows, stonework... still bomb damage repairs

6 Thur. Rather cold becoming milder; cloudy except for one minute sunshine in afternoon. In morning to butchers and fishmongers locally. The men plastered Ciss’ bedroom also the passage. New stonework was fitted to upstairs front bay. The joiner repaired window sashes in my room. Mrs. Collis called. Cleared living room as this will be re-plastered tomorrow. Mr. Lane did some more work on organ.

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  1. Looking back, one realises how many people were virtually camping out in their own home, due to so many of the younger tradespeople being in the armed forces. I presume the shortage of materials for repairs was also a factor, with industry geared up to produce war-related items.
    Luckily we weren’t at home when our house in Motspur Park was severely damaged. We were evacuated to Staffordshire and although I was quite young at the time I do remember that when we returned home several months later, the dining room windows still lacked glass and were boarded up.