23 September 2015

6th-7th October 1945: new shirts & braces

6 Sat. Cold, dull, misty morning, milder and some hazy sunshine later. To Cheam to buy cats meat. Also bought something locally. To Wimbledon along rail path in afternoon. Bought two shirts 7/11 ea. and a pair of braces 2/3 at Fosters. Also bought dried green peas and two dish cloths. Aunt Liza called; she is very unwell. Put the clocks back one hour; they are now G.M.T.

7 Sun. Rather cold, dull, misty morning; milder with some hazy sun in afternoon; becoming cold and foggy. Did a heavy morning’s work preparing dinner for ourselves, Dad, Alb, Lily and Anthony who came to dinner and tea: they came back from fortnight’s holiday at Herne Bay yesterday. Short walk in afternoon.

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