22 September 2015

3rd-5th October 1945: the cost of coal

3 Wed. Cool, dismal all day, misty calm. Got the groceries, also paraffin and buns. Laugh. Took three accumulators. Received two cwt. Of coal @ 4/- per cwt. Took a shilling to Jennifer Child who is six; her birthday was yesterday but the party is today. She had a wonderful tea and a lot of little guests. There was a cake with six candles on it.

4 Thur. Rather cold, very dismal, misty becoming foggy: calm. Played Beethoven piano sonatas in morning and made encouraging progress with this difficult music. Did shopping locally. To Wimbledon in afternoon to buy fish, returning along rail path; did not see a single steam train.

5 Fri. Rather cold morning becoming milder and pleasantly sunny in afternoon. Did all the usual Fri. morning shopping locally. There was such a large ice-cream queue at the paper shop that I called three times during the morning before I could get in to pay for the week’s papers and buy the sweet ration. To Malden and Coombe in afternoon. Walked beside Beverleigh (sic) Brook in soft sunshine which was pleasant. Took a briar cutting from the hedge and planted it in the garden.


Beverley Brook Walk

Beverley Brook Walk pictureA walk of 6.5 miles, closely following the Beverley Brook through Wimbledon Common, Richmond Park and Barnes Common to the River Thames upstream of Putney.
The walk goes through some of South London's most varied and beautiful countryside, and takes about 3 hours at a gentle pace.
For details of the walk, please download the Beverley Brook Walk leaflet (1.6MB)

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  1. I recently learned that the name Beverley comes from "beaver's ley" the amazing home that beavers construct underwater. I presume the beavers are long gone. There are some first-rate photos of this walk at