19 September 2015

25-27 Sept 1945: building radio

25 Tues. Cold, clear, bright sunny day with occasional dark clouds later; bitter N wind. Lit the fire in evening. Reduced the size of ebonite panel and modified the cabinet of Uncle Tom’s crystal set: it is almost ready for wiring up. To Morden, Merton, Wimbledon but finally bought fish at Wimbledon Park.

26 Wed. Rather cold; dull but calm. Got the groceries and bought plums locally also some stationery at the Post Office. In afternoon to see Dear Mother’s grave; it still looks nice. Planted some cutting briars in the garden with a view to budding them next year. Tried without success to repair a badly damaged aluminium saucepan belonging to Mrs. Jordan.

27 Thur. Rather cold, bright sunny morning; dull, mild, calm later. Did some shopping locally in morning also bought fish in Morden. Wired up the circuit of Uncle Tom’s crystal set and tested and found it all right, but results were weak as I have only a short indoor aerial which is good enough for a valve set but does not pick up sufficient energy for a crystal set. Dear Gladys called to ask for Mrs. Akroyd’s address.

Long-term readers may recall that Nora and Sean Galvin
 researched and found 'Dear Mother's grave' - this is their photo -
taken at St Mary the Virgin C of E, just over the wall from
 Merton Park Primary School (top left)

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