1 September 2015

1st Sept 1945: Victory street parties

1st Sept 1945. A Victory street party. In this case in Selborne Road, Margate. Photo from Brian Attree. 
1 Sept. Sat. Very cool, very dull, no sun; showers. Bought bread and other things locally in morning. Mr. Lane came and the organ is now nearly perfect. I played it and it is a treat to have organ music again after being so long without. Bought fish in Wimbledon in afternoon. Returned along rail path. Varnished the 54 laminations of the R. and A. transformer. To see the Victory street parties in both Sydney Rd. and Bronson Rd. Saw cyclist in Worple Road riding an old-fashioned “ordinary” bicycle: he seemed quite at his ease and regardless of the amused glances of onlookers.

Note: we more often call the 'ordinary' bicycle a penny-farthing. Here's a link to today's Ordinary  Bicycle Company

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