21 September 2015

1st-2nd Oct 1945: wireless set complete

1 Oct. Mon. Mild, dismal; calm. Uncle Tom called to collect his crystal set. I put up a better aerial and got splendid results on it and he was delighted. He brought us some soap which was invaluable as we are almost without. I also gave him some mint and tomatoes. Bought cats meat at Morden – not very good. Alan Spooner called in evening to say good-bye. He is going in the army and will go at first to Maidstone. Got good results on the short waves but identified one only, it was American.

2 Tues. Cool dismal all day; calm. Spent the morning making an alteration to the wireless set so that it is more efficient and easier to tune on the short waves. The set has been in use since 1929 and is still first rate. Did some shopping locally in afternoon.

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