15 September 2015

19-21 Sept 1945: no soap... but making music

'they are going to Oxford tomorrow for three weeks; 
their mother is going to help harvest the potatoes'

19 Wed. Very mild, dull morning but some pleasant sunshine in afternoon. Did some practice on the violin, organ and piano. Played my trio part on violin and piano. Got the usual groceries in morning also to the butchers and fish shop. Cycled to Mitcham Common in afternoon. Alan Spooner called in evening; he gave me three wireless valves.

20 Thur. Very mild, very dull, rain till late afternoon when a few gleams shone through just before sundown. To grocers also to post-office in morning. Tested wireless valves and found that one that Alan Spooner gave me last night gave improved results in the set. Started to build a new crystal set for Uncle Tom.

21 Fri. Rather cool, showers on and off all day: dull, save for a few gleams just before sunset. To butchers and did all the usual shopping locally in morning. Mended a puncture and then searched the neighbourhood for fish and soap. The latter is almost non-existent but got some at Merton. Gwennie and Laurie called, they are going to Oxford tomorrow for three weeks; their mother is going to help harvest the potatoes. To Len Garrod’s in evening. Played the violin part in the Gurlitt trio; Len playing the ‘cello and Mrs MacAra the piano – with quite good results.

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