11 September 2015

15th Sept 1945: 300 aircraft in flypast

Group Captain Sir Douglas
Robert Steuart Bader
15 Sat. Very cool, getting colder: cloudy, but a few gleams of autumnal sunshine in morning. To Cheam: bought some fresh cats meat without waiting in a queue. At midday saw the flypast of 300 aeroplanes to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Battle of Britain. A squadron of Spitfires, headed by Group-Captain Bader, manned by men who took part in the battle, was followed by squadrons of Typhoons, Tempests, Beaufighters, Mosquitos, Mustangs and jet-propelled Meteors: a great sight. Went along rail path in afternoon; saw a Pacific going very fast. Gwennie and Laurie called. Cleaned most of the windows; they were smothered with plaster.

Notes: on this day a hurricane in southern Florida and the Bahamas destroyed 366 planes and 25 blimps at NAS Richmond. This is also the formal Victory over Japan day.

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