10 September 2015

14th Sept 1945: wonderful Kenya

" I read Jack's letter, I wondered 
what sort of a fool I was to live in Raynes Park!"

14 Fri. Mild, dull, fresh breeze, heavy showers. Received a perfectly splendid letter from Jack Bradley in Kenya. It was descriptive of life in the bush, the wonderful animals, birds and flowering trees; of his adventures in mountain climbing. The wonderful climate must make it like heaven on earth, and as I read Jack's letter, I wondered what sort of a fool I was to live in Raynes Park! Got the weekend joint and other provisions locally. Met Winnie Ewing who was much better. She has suffered much but now looks quite full in the face and was very cheerful and hopeful. Started putting the two back bedrooms straight after the workmen.
Dear Readers,

You may have noticed that this post has skipped a few days in the diary. Now peace has come, I am skipping some of the days in the next, what is it? ...some 20 years of diaries. All the diaries will eventually be lodged in the local library's archives. Meanwhile quite a few entries will be of personal interest to me, others will have references to significant or traumatic times in my Uncle Fred's life, I am sure. Like you, I have not read them yet. So, I will post family, local, social history and national events... every day, but will be jumping the routine days in Fred's diary - so the dates will be out of synch with a 70th anniversary, increasingly less than a full 70 years ago. Let's see how this goes. And thank you for your loyalty as a reader.

Best wishes,

Tony French.

P.S. There's an interesting post tomorrow!

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