25 September 2015

10th - 11th October 1945: the adopted cat... more post-bomb work

10 Wed. Mild, lovely sunny day for time of year; could hardly be better. Got the groceries in morning. Scraped blobs of plaster from the walls and woodwork of little room and swept the walls and floor. Then started to lay oil-cloth, some we had left over from the sitting room, it is sufficient for the little room. Mr. Bradley called; I had not seen him for a long time. He was slightly injured when one of the first flying bombs damaged his house at Worcester Park. He saw Dinky who was his cat at 72 Chestnut before we adopted him.

11 Thur. Rather warm; lovely day of genial sunshine. Did some shopping locally in morning. Walked to Wimbledon along rail path in afternoon: bought fish. Finished laying the oil-cloth in the little bedroom. Wound a few hundred turns of wire on primary of output transformer – a lot more to go on yet.

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