1 August 2015

1st August 1945: dustmen's horses, jealous Gwennie

1 Aug. Wed. Rather cool, very dull and cloudy; calm. Got the groceries as usual on Wed. Also bought torch battery. Met Gwennie and Laurie going on an errand so went with them: they bought plums at Jones’. They came in afternoon and I amused them by cutting out figures of dancing children in paper. Told Gwennie I was going to Tolworth to play with Anthony. She said I was not to and was quite grieved at my wanting to go out and leave her: she is jealous of my playing with other children as, I discovered, she regards me as being hers alone. Bless her heart, I do love her. However, I went to Tolworth and saw Anthony’s new tricycle. He was very excited when the dustmen came as he always takes some pieces of sugar and some carrots for their horses. I fed two lumps of sugar to one of the big horses. Cousin Maud called.

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