15 August 2015

15th August 1945: queue at shops... victory thanksgiving... bonfires & fireworks

15 Wed. Very mild, mostly dull but a little soft sunshine after a rainy morning. To-day and tomorrow are public holidays to celebrate the conquest of Japan and people everywhere will rejoice and give thanks. The shops opened for two hours this morning and I waited in a queue for some sausage meat and corned beef at the butchers. Then waited in a long queue in the rain for my bacon ration at the grocers. Cycled through Richmond Park to visit Fred Fraine at Sheen: I had not been to see him at his house before. I could not stay long but he showed me his garden, radio-gram and piano. His mother is a wonderfully alert old lady also saw his old aunt, his sisters Phyllis and Dolly also Edgar and Rex, husbands of his sisters respectively. Went to the thanksgiving service at the Church in evening. Many bonfires to-night and some fireworks in this road.

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