11 August 2015

11th Aug 1945: 'in search of cat food but found none'

11 Sat. Very mild; some periods of gentle sunshine; pleasant. To Cheam, Worcester Park and Malden in search of cat food but found none. Met Mrs. Conrade who told me Chas Storey was home from Burmah* also met Mr. Akhurst. Bought vegetables locally and cooked a boiled beef dinner. To Wimbledon in afternoon to buy fish also bought a high-tension battery at Merton. Called at Spooners to tell Alan about Madge’s wireless which she wants him to repair. Heard his wireless: very good. Also saw an electric clock made by Fred Spooner: it is accurate to within a second a week. Dug up four fine beetroots. To Alf’s to enquire about Daddy Rose who is at his house and whose end cannot be far off.

*Fred did spell Burma with an 'h' on the end.

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