30 August 2015

31st Aug 1945: jet-propelled monoplane...

31 Fri. Very mild, dismal morning but a little hazy sunshine in afternoon. Did all the usual Fri. morning shopping and did not leave the immediate locality. Gwennie and Laurie called with some fish for Dinky. Saw a twin-jet propelled monoplane pass over from E to W at very great speed.

30th Aug 1945: house plastered... work on organ continues

30 Thur. Very mild, dismal all day without a single ray of sunshine. Letter from Rev. Chas. Staden; he is moving to a church in Dalton-in-Furness. To bakers and to buy fish in morning. Met Arthur Swift in Martin Way; he has left Surbiton and taken a house at 5. Park Way, Cannon Hill Common. The workmen plastered the ceiling in front upstairs bedroom. Mr. Lane did more work to the organ. Cousin Maud called. Gwennie and Laurie brought some meat for Dinky.

Dalton Methodist & United Reformed Church in recent times.

29 August 2015

29th Aug 1945: repairs, repairs, repairs... post bombing

29 Wed. Between very mild and rather warm; dismal morning, a little lighter in afternoon. Got the groceries in morning. Started repairing the damaged output transformer of the R. and A. loudspeaker. The foreman called and told me the plasterers would start inside tomorrow afternoon so I cleared the front upstairs room. Letter from Uncle Tom. Aunt Liza called.

28 August 2015

28th Aug 1945: D-I-Y electronics

28 Tues. Rather warm; much hazy sunshine; pleasant. Spent most of the day repairing the R. and A. loudspeaker damaged in the bombing. Fitted it in the radio-gram and it is going very well indeed. Gwennie Laurie and little Donald this time brought a plate of veal pieces for Dinky. Just a small amount of local shopping. Alan Spooner called in evening; he told me he has got a job at Vortexion’s** wireless laboratory Wimbledon.

27 August 2015

27th Aug 1945: almost a normal day...

27 Mon. Very mild to rather warm, a very pleasant sunny day. Posted letters to Chas. Staden and Uncle Tom. Got accumulator. Bought fish in Wimbledon. Gwennie and Laurie called. The men are repairing the front of the house and put in a new sill.

26 August 2015

26th Aug 1945: spent Sunday with the Wombles...

26 Sun. Very mild, becoming rather warm; much soft sunshine: pleasant. Gwennie, Laurie and Connie Freeman called. Had a walk on Wimbledon Common in evening as far as the Windmill and the A.A. camp: first time I have been there this year: the heather is very lovely. Saw a man flying a splendid model aeroplane, looked as if it were built to the Wakefield* formula.

PS: and just in case you are not familiar with the Wombles... of Wimbledon Common of course, along with Uncle Bulgaria, just click this gorgeous video and dip into its 47 minutes whenever you want a little gentle escapism

25 August 2015

25th Aug 1945: bought plumbs for bottling... organ woes

25 Sat. Very mild, very dull except for about a minutes sunshine in afternoon: less wind. Bought fish at Cheam. Bought plums for bottling locally. Gwennie and Laurie called. Mr. Lane came but says the organ needs new springs.

24 August 2015

24th Aug 1945: why is the man on our roof?

24 Fri. Very cool, very dull all day, very rough, fine rain. Workmen still at back of house and a man on the roof; I don’t know why: he likes the view, I expect. To butchers, greengrocers, cold meat shop; to pay newspapers and buy sweets. To bakers, also bought fish in Morden and to chemists in Wimbledon. Wrote letter to Chas. Staden. Mr. Lane did more work on organ and may finish it tomorrow.

23 August 2015

23rd Aug 1945: earned 2s 6d for clock repair

23 Thur. Mild, actually very cool for season but some pleasant sunshine in morning, dull later. To the florists to get the floral spray for Mr. Rose’s funeral; it was a large sheaf of delicate salmon-pink gladiolus. To the interment at Old Merton Churchyard. Uncle Dick sat beside me in the Church and we visited dear Mother’s grave together. Mr. Rose was 80 and so a familiar figure passes on. I spoke to the vicar afterwards: a very kind man. Took John Child’s buzzer back, now repaired. Took Mrs. Jordan’s clock back and Beryl made me take 2/6 for work done; she wanted to give me 5/- but I don’t expect so much. Mr. Lane put in a second evening’s work on the organ.

22 August 2015

22nd Aug 1945: organ full of powdered glass from bombing

22 Wed. Very mild, some pleasant sun in morning; very dull, rain setting in later; windy. Two builders, a Scotsman and an Irishman started work on the back of the house. Farley’s delivered a new bedstead this morning. Len Conley and John Child called, each with a practice Morse set which would not work, the buzzers in each case needed adjustment which I did. Mr. Lane came in evening and started repairs on the organ: he took it partly down and will come again, probably to-morrow: it is full of powdered glass from the bombing. Got the groceries in morning, also to butchers, also potted meat, soap and soap flakes at other local shops.

21 August 2015

21st Aug 1945: fish, flowers and clock repair man

21 Tues. Very mild, cloudy morning; a few gleams of sunshine late in afternoon; stiff S breeze. Ordered a sheaf of flowers at a shop in Coombe Lane for Mr. Rose’s funeral. Bought fish locally. Met Ethel Figg. Made a new back for Mrs. Jordan’s clock which is now finished.

20 August 2015

20th Aug 1945: errands

20 Mon. Very mild, very dull all day without a gleam of sunshine but calm. Posted letters to Fred Fraine and Capt. Marshall respectively. Did shopping in morning and took a parcel from Edie Bennett to Mrs. Pook. Inquired about a floral tribute for Mr. Rose’s funeral. Went to Lily at Botsford Road to get particulars of same. Gwennie and Laurie called in afternoon. Laurie went to school for the first time to-day. Aunt Liza called in evening.

19 August 2015

19th Aug 1945: a Sunday with music

19 Sun. Very cool for August; very dull; not a gleam of sunshine all day but calm. Gwennie and Laurie called, having come back from holiday at Oxford yesterday. Audrey Child took them and Clifford to Sunday School. Ciss went to see Edie Bennett at Highgate to-day. To Church in evening Russell McAppin preached. Played Beethoven’s piano sonata in A Minor.

18 August 2015

18th Aug 1945: cats’ meat queue quite short

18 Sat. Very mild, very cloudy all day, fresh E breeze. Cycled to Cheam and found the cats’ meat queue quite short and got some good meat. To local bakers and greengrocers. Got accumulators and a birthday card. To Tolworth in afternoon to tell them that Mr. Rose died at 12.30 a.m. to-day. He was 80 years and 3 days old. He had been unwell for many years but did not show it much. He grieved deeply at the death of Mrs. Rose years ago and it made a difference to him. Now by God’s Grace they are together again. May they rest in peace.

17 August 2015

17th Aug 1945: musical evening with friends; no spuds anywhere

17 Fri. Becoming rather warm, some pleasant sunshine in afternoon. To butchers and other local shops, but could not buy potatoes anywhere. Only one fish shop open to-day and that in Wimbledon: bought herrings. Met Jessie Field – Mrs. Hodges. Got the groceries instead of Wed. To Len Garrod’s in evening and had the unusual experience of hearing others play while I listened: Mrs. MacAra was there and played the piano for Len’s cello: Mrs. Hubert Rogers was also present: Hubert was killed at Cassino in Italy.

16 August 2015

16th Aug 1945: Polar bear seen by restoration man

16 Thur. Very mild, dull morning, nice sunny afternoon but a very stiff fresh breeze. In afternoon cycled to Oxshott Heath via Worcester Park, Old Malden, Ruxley, Chessington, where I saw a polar bear in the zoo, it could be seen from the road. I had not been to Oxshott for a great many years but it all came back to me. I sat in the sun on the ridge overlooking the heath and station and brought back a sprig of heath and heather: quite an enjoyable outing. Re-painted the Roman figures on Mrs. Jordan’s clock; it looks very nice now it has been cleaned and varnished.

15 August 2015

15th August 1945: queue at shops... victory thanksgiving... bonfires & fireworks

15 Wed. Very mild, mostly dull but a little soft sunshine after a rainy morning. To-day and tomorrow are public holidays to celebrate the conquest of Japan and people everywhere will rejoice and give thanks. The shops opened for two hours this morning and I waited in a queue for some sausage meat and corned beef at the butchers. Then waited in a long queue in the rain for my bacon ration at the grocers. Cycled through Richmond Park to visit Fred Fraine at Sheen: I had not been to see him at his house before. I could not stay long but he showed me his garden, radio-gram and piano. His mother is a wonderfully alert old lady also saw his old aunt, his sisters Phyllis and Dolly also Edgar and Rex, husbands of his sisters respectively. Went to the thanksgiving service at the Church in evening. Many bonfires to-night and some fireworks in this road.

14 August 2015

14th Aug 1945: boys are building bonfires

'It seems that Japan may surrender at any moment now and boys are building a bonfire on the bomb site as part of the celebrations.'

14 Tues. Very mild, very dull till late afternoon when the sky cleared and the sun came through: calm. Bought sausage at Morden and fish at Merton also a loaf locally. More work on Mrs. Jordan’s clock. It seems that Japan may surrender at any moment now and boys are building a bonfire on the bomb site as part of the celebrations. I cut down the philadelphus tree which is overgrown and so helped to provide fuel for the bonfire. Pamela and Pauline to see me: I am honoured. It was announced at midnight that Japan has surrendered, so at last the world is at peace. God be praised!   

' at last the world is at peace. God be praised!'

Representatives of Japan
on board USS Missouri on 2nd September
to formally sign surrender documents.

13 August 2015

13th Aug 1945: vinegar and fish

13 Mon. Rather cool becoming very mild; very dull and cloudy all day. Sent a birthday card to Dad, his birthday is tomorrow. Bought vinegar, tapers locally and fish at Morden. Did some weeding in the garden. Paid the Slate Club.

12 August 2015

12th Aug 1945: “In the beginning..."

Holland Garden
See Merton Council website on Holland Garden here
12 Sun. Very mild, becoming rather warm, cloudy, close as there was little wind. To Holland Gardens in afternoon. Mrs. Akroyd to tea. To Church in evening; sermon by Mr. Craig: “In the beginning God –.” Walked home across the playing fields: met Alan Spooner with three young ladies.

11 August 2015

11th Aug 1945: 'in search of cat food but found none'

11 Sat. Very mild; some periods of gentle sunshine; pleasant. To Cheam, Worcester Park and Malden in search of cat food but found none. Met Mrs. Conrade who told me Chas Storey was home from Burmah* also met Mr. Akhurst. Bought vegetables locally and cooked a boiled beef dinner. To Wimbledon in afternoon to buy fish also bought a high-tension battery at Merton. Called at Spooners to tell Alan about Madge’s wireless which she wants him to repair. Heard his wireless: very good. Also saw an electric clock made by Fred Spooner: it is accurate to within a second a week. Dug up four fine beetroots. To Alf’s to enquire about Daddy Rose who is at his house and whose end cannot be far off.

*Fred did spell Burma with an 'h' on the end.

10 August 2015

10th Aug 1945: 'Japan has made a surrender offer'

10 Fri. Mild morning, dull, but becoming rather warm in afternoon with some lovely sunshine. To butchers, bakers and paper shop, also bought stationery at post office. To Morden in afternoon, bought seed cake and saccharin. Gwennie and Laurie came three times; they brought me a large picture of a flying-bomb in section. Japan has made a surrender offer. A letter from Capt. Marshall.

9 August 2015

9th August 1945: dead cuckoo

9 Thur. Very mild, dismal, no sun at all; showers; heavy rain setting in later. Got liver at butchers, also fish but this at Morden. Bought crayons for a birthday present for Gwennie who is seven tomorrow: she had her tea to-day and brought me some cake. Got Mrs. Jordan’s clock going but the cuckoo mechanism is broken beyond repair.

8 August 2015

8th Aug 1945: atomic bomb

8 Wed. Mild, very dull and cloudy, heavy showers including a deluge in afternoon. Got the groceries, also to the butchers’ and chemists’. Fitted small hand to Conley’s clock and sent it back going well. Made a start to repair Mrs. Jordan’s cuckoo clock. Saw dear Mother’s grave in evening. Yesterday a uranium bomb was dropped on a Japanese city almost completely destroying it. In these bombs part of the energy of the atom is released thus forming the most powerful explosive ever used. One of these bombs which is quite small is the equivalent of 20,000 tons of ordinary high explosive. To-day Russia declared war on Japan.

7 August 2015

7th Aug 1945: the clock repair man

7 Tues. Rather chilly, very dull all day, fine rain most of the time. Bought fish in Martin Way. Gwennie and Laurie called; amused them with some tricks and experiments. Victor Conley brought a miniature wall clock which was minus a pendulum and a hand. Made a pendulum and go it going, it took some time to get it the right length.

6 August 2015

6th Aug 1945: Bank Holiday hail... & visitor

6 Mon. August Bank Holiday. Rather warm, fine sunny morning but a sharp though short thunderstorm midday, with heavy hail and a sheer deluge of rain; very dull and quite chilly later. Mrs. Matson* came to dinner and tea; gave her some marigolds and montbretia to take back. Short cycle ride in afternoon. Saw Mr. Griffiths who is staying with the Leas opposite: he lives at Frinton-on-Sea. now. 

*an annual visitor

5 August 2015

5th August 1945: Sundays...

5 Sun. Warm, 82 degs in morning, lovely sunshine, but cloudy and cooler later. To Church in evening and took Communion. Short walk after the service. Saw a flight of gulls in perfect V formation flying from E to W; the first I have seen since last winter.

4 August 2015

4th August 1945: ice 'n sun

4 Sat. Glorious, warm, sunny day. 82 degs in shade 120 degs in sun, which shone all day without a break. Cut the lawn and trimmed the edges, looks nice also other work in garden and watering in evening. To Wimbledon in afternoon to buy fish, also to Merton and Morden where I bought two ice wafers, I, rushing home on my bike as fast as I could to save them from melting. Laurie was at home so he had some. Gwennie in her sun suit came too late. I met Alf in Wimbledon. For a ride over similar ground as yesterday to Epsom Common.

3rd August 1945: bullrushes in bomb crater

3 Fri. Rather warm, calm, close, much hazy sunshine. Got the meat and all the usual Fri. morning errands, also bought Liquinox tomato fertilizer in Wimbledon. Cycled to Epsom Common in afternoon. Saw two bomb craters there, one with bullrushes growing in it. Short cycle ride in evening

2 August 2015

2nd August 1945: trainspotting

Lord Duncan No 858 at Bournemouth
Photo credit: Mike Morant collection
2 Thur. Mild dull morning; rather warm afternoon, lovely warm sunshine later. Gwennie and Laurie called in morning. Did shopping locally in afternoon also to Wimbledon to buy butter beans. Returned along rail path and saw loco. Lord Duncan which I had not seen before. To Madge’s in evening to get some windfall apples.

1 August 2015

1st August 1945: dustmen's horses, jealous Gwennie

1 Aug. Wed. Rather cool, very dull and cloudy; calm. Got the groceries as usual on Wed. Also bought torch battery. Met Gwennie and Laurie going on an errand so went with them: they bought plums at Jones’. They came in afternoon and I amused them by cutting out figures of dancing children in paper. Told Gwennie I was going to Tolworth to play with Anthony. She said I was not to and was quite grieved at my wanting to go out and leave her: she is jealous of my playing with other children as, I discovered, she regards me as being hers alone. Bless her heart, I do love her. However, I went to Tolworth and saw Anthony’s new tricycle. He was very excited when the dustmen came as he always takes some pieces of sugar and some carrots for their horses. I fed two lumps of sugar to one of the big horses. Cousin Maud called.