9 July 2015

9th July 1945: elipse... and the cat came back

9 Mon. Rather warm, mostly cloudy but a little hazy sunshine. The weather did not prevent some observation of the partial eclipse of the sun which I saw through several old photographic negatives. Ann Conley and other children saw it too. A heavy shower in evening. Bought fish at Merton. Was removing dead roses and summer pruning them when to my surprise and delight I saw dear Tibbie Veale who I have missed for a few weeks thinking him dead perhaps, walking up the garden path towards me; I don’t know who was the more pleased, me or the cat. I gave him some fish which he ate with great relish. Mr Holland to tea; he is very wonderful for his eighty-six years. Uncle Tom called to see Dad; gave him some rhubarb and a root of mint.

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