8 July 2015

8th July 1945: Richmond Park reopen after war

Fred went to see the view, north across the Thames and London. Here's a 2015 Google image with contrails.
8 Sun. Rather warm, lovely day of soft sunshine. Alb, Lily, Anthony and Miss Boyman came to tea. Cousin Ivy from Bolton and little Malcolm came to see us. Malcolm is the most beautiful boy I have seen: his eyes are the largest ever: extraordinary. Chas and Doris and Donald came. The children are all amused with the pop tree. Cycle ride in Richmond Park in evening; it is now open to pedestrians and cyclists. I went out of Richmond Gate to see the famous view: the Park has been closed all throughout the war.
Richmond Park, with Richmond Gate top left

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  1. I didn't know that Richmond Park had been closed all through the war. Now I realise why it was such a big deal when my parents took us for a picnic there.