26 July 2015

26/5/1945 Labour government replaces Tory government & Churchill

Clement Attlee 
26 Thur. Very cool, very dull, showers, nasty E wind. The General Election results are declared to-day and the Churchill Government which won the war against Germany is utterly defeated and the Labour Party will form a Government. And so the people turn against those who have served them so well. It is strange that we fought against the National Socialism of Germany and rescued Europe and the German people from totalitarian domination and yet the stupid British people* voluntarily vote in a totalitarian government themselves.

Note: link to election results on Wikipedia

*I feel the same about the idiots who voted Tory in 2015. - Tony

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  1. Dear old Fred, he’s a traditionalist at heart. When he noted his horror of a “totalitarian government” it didn’t occur to him that he had been living under something similar for the last few years, due to the exigencies of war. The last general election was in 1935..
    An old lady with an honours degree who I once knew, told me of her deep despair at being directed by the wartime government into secondary school teaching when her heart was set on a different career path.