22 July 2015

22nd July 1945: Sunday walk beside the Hogsmill

22 Sun. Very mild to rather warm, some nice sunshine midday, temperature up to 76 degs. but very rough wind made it feel chilly. Gwennie and Laurie called; made them a folded paper box which could be spied through to see a picture of a donkey. Walked beside the Hogsmill River in the evening at Malden Manor where I saw a tract of blue tares and meadowsweet. A long time since I have seen the latter and I was pleased and brought a spray home.

Note: if any reader would like to see the connection between the painting by Holman Hunt and the Hogsmill River, EXPLORE THIS LINK where you can see many photos of the seven-mile
river, awash with history. It joins the Thames at Kingston.

A short walk along part of the C21st Hogsmill River

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