18 July 2015

18th July 1945: Gwennie knocked down by car

18 Wed. Rather warm: some hazy sunshine but mostly cloudy; strong E wind. Got the groceries, also something at the oil shop. I have missed Mrs Tarry who served there, so I asked the lady assistant about her. She told me Mrs Tarry had been in hospital some months with heart trouble; I am sorry; she lived in this road at one time. Got something at the chemists. Cycled along arterial road to Esher Common, thence to Cobham and a little way beyond; it is grand to traverse an unfamiliar road, and the country does look lovely: the ragwort and rose bay willow herb is in full bloom. Gwennie got knocked down by a car in Kingston Road this afternoon; she was taken to Nelson Hospital but they did not keep her in; they said she was not seriously hurt. Cousin Maud called in evening, she is on her summer vacation but is going to London tomorrow to have a slight operation to her ears. Alan Spooner called with a midget moving coil speaker-microphone.

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