14 July 2015

14th July 1945: much lightning... Sunday School outing

14 Sat. Warm, close; the day opened with a few peals of thunder, then followed a fine warm sunny day. By evening the clouds rolled up and thunder of a sporadic sort followed for hours: some flashes were very bright. Ciss went to the Sunday School treat to Effingham and East Horsley taking many children from this road. I got dinner for Dad and myself. To Wimbledon to buy fish and a fine pair of rubber soled shoes the latter at Barratts price 29 shillings & 10p.

Cousin Ivy from Bolton came to say good-bye she is returning tomorrow. She brought little Malcolm who is by far the most beautiful child I have ever seen: he is also beautiful in his manner, expression and movements: a heavenly child… The storm continued from 5.30 p.m. gradually becoming more severe, the lightning more frequent, at times 40 or 50 flashes per minute, at midnight it was at its worst; a further report will be in tomorrow’s entry

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